Medications and Prescription Refills
  We generally want you to refill your prescriptions at the time of your doctor's visit. If you take more than one or two medicines, it is a good idea to bring all of your medicines in a bag with each visit. That way we can verify that your medicines are being taken correctly. We will accept phone calls for refills in some instances but only during the times the office is open. Please don't call after business hours for refills. Once or twice a day we will call the various pharmacies and refill the requests we have received up to that point. Please don't call us to see if the prescription has been called in. Call the pharmacist if you need to. It is important that you plan ahead so no delays occur in taking your regularly scheduled medication. Drop by your refill to the pharmacist at least 24 hours in advance. Please note: for any phone call for a medication refill after 3pm on any weekday, we will not refill those medications until the following day.